NYU Bus Tracker

Scheduled Bus Times

The app uses the scheduled bus times to tell you you when the next bus leaves. The times are also updated automatically. No more scrolling through large PDF documents.

Real Time Bus Locations

Where is the bus? No worries. The app shows the real time locations of all the NYU buses.

Smart and Simple

Just enter in your starting and ending stop. The app figures out everything else. That app also knows when you arrive at your destination and will switch the stops accordingly.

Offline Support

Stuck in the elevator or somewhere else without service? The app is designed to work without internet or when you have a very weak signal.

Call Safe Ride

Out late at night with no buses? Call NYU Safe Ride from inside the app.

It's Free!!

Yes, it is free! Am I crazy? Probably.


This app was programmed and designed by Mike Jaoudi and Tyler Palsulich.

This app was created for you guys! It will be updated and improved over time. However, I need to hear what you guys want. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints or things you would like to see in a future release email me at: